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To promote innovation
and stimulate exchanges

Polymeris has set itself the objective of promoting innovation and encouraging knowledge-sharing and collaborative projects between stakeholders in the plastic, composite and rubber industries. To this end, Polymeris is offering all its members and partners a new participatory format for innovation: industrial clubs, focusing on key themes relating to the sector’s development and future.

The operating principles and organisation of these industrial clubs are defined in the general objectives.

General objectives

  • Promote and advance the industrialisation of new technologies,
  • Build on the cluster network’s existing momentum,
  • Coordinate actions involving scientific, technological and economic experts,
  • Support the dissemination of feedback and best practices,
  • Create the optimal conditions for implementing innovation projects,
  • Encourage business cooperation between the cluster’s industrial manufacturers,
  • Develop a collective response to manufacturers’ and club members’ individual needs and issues.

Presentation of the clubs

Additive Manufacturing Club

This club, created in June 2016, deals with additive manufacturing technologies, applications in direct manufacturing of parts or tools, manufacturing of polymer or metal parts, its challenges, market developments, user feedback, training needs...

Among the participants:

DELFINGEN (Tier1 auto) / DPH International (mouliste) / ELIXANCE (compounder) / ERPRO (prototypiste)  / HYPERION LASER (FA métal) / MECELEC (composite) / MICROLIGHT 3D (micro fab) / MIHB (moulage multimarchés) / RADIALL (connecteurs) / SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC (électronique) / SIMCON (logiciel simulation) / TECHNOFLEX  (poches souples) / VISIATIV (logiciel)

Contact : Martin PAJOT +33 (0)7 88 05 08 60

Materials Lifecycle Club

This club, set up to coincide with the Pollutec trade show in Lyon in 2023, will focus on the circularity of materials. Targeted themes include the traceability of materials and substances, changes in regulations, tools available to manufacturers (LCA and eco-design) and, of course, the recycling of complex materials.

Contact: Adrien SIMON+33 (0)6 07 08 66 07

Composites Club

To reinforce our actions in the composites sector, in 2023 polymeris launched an industrial club dedicated to composite materials, with the aim of bringing together the various players in the sector to discuss issues affecting the composites industry in general (forming processes, machining, regulations), and on themes dedicated to the eco-design of composites and the recovery of their waste.

Among the participants:

Composite recyclers (Extracthive and Mob-e-Scrap), processors, NDT solution providers (Terakalis and Lytid), testing and characterization centers (Mecanium, SERMA technologies).

Contact: Hiba FEKIRI+33 (0)6 42 64 53 75

Innovation And Medical Club

The first meeting of this club took place on the Pharmapack exhibition which took place on the 13th and 14th October 2021.

This club brings together both principals and subcontractors and proposes to bring together manufacturers who are willing to share their experiences and non-competitive issues. The Innovation and Medical Club addresses the following topics:

  • Intervention of experts on new themes, technologies or materials
  • Biosourced materials for medical devices and their packaging
  • End of life and recycling of medical devices and their packaging
  • Connected medical devices
  • Monitoring and presence at trade fairs
  • Presentations of new technologies
  • Welcoming new members
  • Monitoring of open PAAs available for health products


Contact : Nicolas LONGHITANO +33 (0)6 88 13 00 78

Intelligent Plastics Club

The functionalization of polymers by various surface texturing, transfer or electronic printing technologies to impart new properties to the product are all avenues for increasing its added value.

What are the technological trends, the existing validation tests or those to be implemented or even the links with the electronics professions and its jargon are all topics addressed in this group which started in December 2015 ...

Among the participants:


Contact : Thibaut LEFORT +33 (0)7 72 32 41 62

Packaging Club

The evolution of packaging in recent years has been accompanied by a number of major technological and contextual innovations. Regulations are also changing very quickly, materials for packaging, barrier layers, the use of biobased materials, the need to recycle or recover in a circular economy ... are all subjects of interest for this group.

Among the participants:


Contact : Amélie GOUSSEAU+33 (0)6 48 18 88 76

Polyurethane Club

This club met for the first time in June 2018 at the end of a thematic day on Polyurethane materials with the aim of creating a community to discuss various topics of interest such as recycling, regulatory issues, the development of formulations that are more respectful of the environment or having specific properties, and the durability and aging of these materials.

Contact : Julie MALAQUIN +33 (0)7 85 01 34 80

Rubber Club

To reinforce our actions in the Rubber sector, in 2024 Polymeris launched the industrial club dedicated to Rubber materials, the aim being to bring together the various players in the sector to exchange views on issues affecting the rubber industry in general (formulation, forming processes, regulations, etc.), and on topics dedicated to current challenges such as eco-design, recycling or the digitalization of the rubber industry.

Among the participants:

Participants representing the entire value chain, from formulators to recyclers, processors and end-users.

Contact: Martin PAJOT +33 (0)7 88 05 08 60

Tools Club

In this group launched in early 2017, the specific features of tooling for composite parts are at the heart of the discussions. The materials of the molds, the necessary changes in production rates, the needs, and expectations of the various markets ...

Among the participants:


Contact : Maxime ANDRÉ +33 (0)6 42 64 42 79

Europe Club

To date, 11 members are actively participating.

5 meetings:

  • Launch
  • Horizon Europe presentation
  • Workshop to decipher a call for proposals and find partners
  • Workshop to present the new template of proposal to answer the call
  • Workshop to present EU partners: Fraunhofer, Eurecat, AITIIP, Centexbel, AIMPLAS...
  • Implementation of an excel file of interest sharing on the EU PAAs

6 projects under development from the club's activity

Contact : Annabelle SION +33 (0)6 33 70 06 74

International Club

A new hybrid organization has been chosen for Polymeris.

There will now be:

  • A strategic steering committee, composed of 7 people. This committee will meet approximately once a quarter and will have the mission of supporting and advising Polymeris in its international strategy (choice of trade shows, missions, training, market studies, etc.).
  • An international club (100% free of charge) that will meet twice a year and whose members will benefit from targeted information, access to events and privileged contacts for their international developmenclub international (100% gratuit) qui se réunira 2 fois par an et dont les inscrits bénéficieront d’informations ciblées, un accès aux événements, des contacts privilégiés pour leur développement international.

Contact : Sophie DUEZ +33 (0)4 74 12 09 76

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