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Bio-Uptake: Bio composites in smart transformation processes

The European project Bio-Uptake "Bio composites in smart plastic transformation processes to pave the way for the large-scale uptake of sustainable bio-based products” funded by Horizon Europe, has started on December 1st, 2022.

Bio-based materials, due to their intrinsic nature, have demonstrated that they can be adequate candidates, with a performance good enough, to replace petroleum derivates´ in various application areas. However, due to differences in physical and thermochemical properties, a direct replacement of the current material with newly developed bio-based is often a mistake. To reach the full potential of bio-based materials, product eco-design is essential. The novel approach on which Bio-Uptake project relies is based on modularity or pre-fabrication: the development of high-tech bio-based intermediate formats.


The general objective of Bio-Uptake project is to ensure a sustainable uptake of bioplastic composites through boosting a twin green and digital transformation in the European manufacturing industry. In particular, Bio-Uptake solution will focus scientific and technology efforts on developing flexible manufacturing processes to produce bio-based end-products for the construction, medical and packaging sectors based on the combination of intermediate formats, which are easily adaptable to new market demands.


Funded by the European Commission under Pillar II of Horizon Europe Programme, with a total budget of 5.99 million euros for 3.5 years, the project is coordinated by AITIIP, and involves 13 European partners from 6 countries. The consortium is composed og :

  • 6 industrial companies
  • 4 Research and Technology Organizations (RTO)
  • 1 academia
  • 2 others (1 cluster and 1 standardization body)

This consortium of partners will support the uptake of the bio-based materials through the implementation of the following actions:

  • The development of 3 disruptive innovative manufacturing processes for bio-based products,
  • The development and validation of 4 new bio-based intermediate formats,
  • The demonstration of the Bio-Uptake solution in 3 manufacturing value chains and the contribution to the value chains standardisation,
  • The creation of 2 training programmes and one digital end-to-end platform for bio-based materials.

Project information

The Bio-Uptake project is funded by the Horizon Europe Programme, under the call HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01, grant agreement number 101057049.

The Bio-Uptake project partners will meet on February 2nd 2023, in Zaragoza, Spain, for a first project meeting and launch of project activities.



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