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AI REDGIO 5.0: 3rd General Meeting of the project

Over two exciting days, our 43 European partners from 18 countries and 15 regions joined forces to shape the future of the project.
AI REDGIO 5.0 aims to strengthen regional AI partnerships among key EU regions, paving the way for major advances in the adoption of competitive AI technologies for regional SMEs.

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Dismantling and pre-treatment of end-of-life wind turbine blades

Composite materials account for 2% of the total mass of a wind turbine, and the aim of the European EoLO-HUBs project is to deploy large-scale technologies for recycling composites from end-of-life wind turbines.

The Spanish technology center AITIIP, coordinator of the project and drawing on its experience in the aeronautics sector, is working on the pre-treatment and preparation of composites prior to the recycling stage. To prepare these composites, the wind turbine blades must first be cut up and cleaned of the surface treatments they have undergone during manufacture.  

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Launch of the European IDEALIST project

Europe's Industrial Sectors Unite in Groundbreaking Initiative: Project IDEALIST Aims to Strengthen SME Resilience and Technological Adoption

In an unprecedented collaboration, a consortium of 14 partners from across 7 European countries have come together to launch the IDEALIST project, under the auspices of Horizon Europe, the EU's key funding programme for research and innovation.

This ambitious initiative seeks to address the urgent challenges faced by SMEs in the Energy-Intensive Industries, Aerospace & Defence, and Mobility, Transport, & Automotive sectors, promoting resilience, sustainable practices, and advanced technological adoption in the face of global disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical conflicts.

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Launch of the European ZEvRA project

The European Commission's declared aim is to achieve 0 CO2 emissions by 2035, particularly in the electric vehicle value chain. Consequently, the Horizon Europe ZEvRA research project (28 partners from 13 countries, running from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2026, €11.4 million grant, G.A. n° 101138034) aims to improve the circularity of light electric vehicles along their entire value chain, from materials sourcing and manufacturing to end-of-life processes. Polymeris is one of the 28 partners in the consortium.

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Launch of the European Value4Pack project

We are pleased to announce the launch of the European Value4pack project, the first project proposal of the European S3 Food Packaging Partnership, which began on November 1, 2023!

Value4Pack aims to strengthen the capacity, competitiveness and resilience of players in the European food packaging value chain. The aim is to create a resilient inter-regional ecosystem between relevant penta-helix players in the regions concerned (manufacturers, research institutes, investors, regional authorities, consumers and NGOs).

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Polymeris strengthens its partnerships in Europe: three new European intercluster projects to stimulate collaboration and innovation.

Polymeris kicks off the new year with the launch of three Europe-wide interclustering projects: Value4Pack, IDEALIST and GreenSmartMed. These projects position Polymeris at the heart of innovation and transnational collaboration for the next three years. They will enable the cluster to develop and strengthen its partnerships in Europe and deploy new services and expertise for the benefit of its members.

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POLREC Innovation Open Call: 25 winning projects, including 9 from France

The results of the first call for projects launched as part of the European POLREC project coordinated by Polymeris are in: 25 SMEs have won, including 9 French ones, for a total budget of €660,000. The aim of this call for projects was to finance new, innovative polymer recycling processes, and it proved a resounding success, with 13 winning projects focusing on mechanical recycling, 8 on chemical recycling and 4 on digitalization.

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Pharmapack 2024 - Our members at the show

Polymeris will be present at Pharmapack, the European hub for the pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery device industry.

Held annually in Paris, the event brings together over 5,500 participants and more than 300 exhibitors for two days of innovation, networking and learning.

Discover our members present at the show!

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