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COSMEBOOSTE: Creation of a digital expertise platform in cosmetics

Creation of a digital expertise platform for cosmetics, to assess the risk levels of content/container

The CosmeBooste project is financially supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, in order to "Boost the competitiveness of strategic regional sectors". Supported by a regional consortium of 7 public and private partners in the cosmetics and plastics industries, its ambition is to achieve three objectives:

On the road to smart materials and the digital transition of the polymer industry

The DIH (Digital Innovation Hub) Polytronics project aims to support polymer manufacturers in their digital transition for the plastics, textiles, composites and elastomers sectors, by offering them the opportunity to use the data obtained via AI. their products and their manufacturing processes. Polytronics combines expertise in AI and from these 4 sectors to meet the needs of businesses in a personalized, comprehensive and easy-to-access manner via a one-stop-shop powered by Polymeris.