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Since April 1st, POLYMERIS is the new coordinator of the AMULET project (Advanced materials & manufacturing united for lightweight). After having participated in more than 35 European projects as a partner, the cluster passes a milestone with the coordination of such a large-scale project whose benefits will be felt by the entire industry.

Within the framework of its missions, POLYMERIS not only helps its members to set up European projects but also participates in the setting up of projects to answer the calls of the European Commission. The latter benefit directly to its members, such as the European project AMULET funded by the European Commission (Program H2020 Innosup-01).
The project benefits from a strong European influence through its consortium of 13 partners spread over 10 countries: Spain, France, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic. This project represents a budget of 4.99 million euros over 3 years and aims to finance (via cascade funding) and provide concrete solutions in the transition to a low-carbon economy by accelerating the market launch of material lightening technologies.
In order to achieve the ambitious goals of decarbonization and circular economy, industries face many challenges. Material lightening technologies are proving to be one of the major decarbonization levers: lightening structures makes it possible to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
Starting in September 2021, the European project AMULET aims to highlight the strong innovation potential of SMEs in the field of lightweighting technologies. The ambition is to create new value chains in different sectors through inter-regional and inter-sectorial exchanges. Four main sectors are concerned: automotive, energy, construction, aerospace and aeronautics.
In order to bring concrete solutions to industrialists, the AMULET consortium has collected problems (challenges) from principals in the 4 sectors concerned. Faced with these issues, the field is given to SMEs to apply and respond to these challenges. Funding will be allocated to them at different phases of their project, the ultimate goal being to achieve demonstrators.
AMULET represents an opportunity for SMEs to highlight their technologies and know-how, to gain visibility on a European scale with principals or peers, and to access European funding through a simplified process. In addition, SMEs will have the opportunity to get B2B coaching to accelerate the marketing of their innovative solutions.


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