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PLAIRE works on high-performance recycled plastics

A regional consortium has just received a grant from France 2030 to develop new materials based on recycled plastics.
Labelled Techtera - Polymeris, the PLAIRE multi-partner project has just received 990,000 euros from France 2030. The consortium comprises four entities from the Aurhalp region. The project leader is Cycl-Add (Maillat / Ain), an SME set up in 2016, which markets recycled plastics (mainly polypropylene and polyamide) using a process that supplies 100% recycled materials, including additives. The company is supported by a parent company, CRE-ADD, which includes a design office (Creastuce). Cycl-Add has in-house expertise in eco-design and life-cycle analysis.
Two ETIs are also involved. Ag Plast (Nurieux-Volognat / Ain), which has developed expertise in the injection of large-scale products made from recycled materials. It takes charge of projects, from product design to end-of-life recovery, positioning it at the forefront of the circular economy. For its part, Clayens (Genas / Rhône) specializes in the transformation of high-performance polymers, composites and precision metal parts for the aerospace and defense, automotive, electronics, healthcare and industrial sectors...

Making use of waste materials that previously had no outlet

The project (valued at €1.9 million) is part of the plastics recycling theme, with the aim of bringing to market new polypropylene-, polyamide/elastane- and polypropylene/polyamide-based Recycled Raw Materials (RRMs) with optimized, stable properties, formulated from waste materials for which there is currently no recycling solution. The products developed are designed to meet the demand of the rapidly expanding recycled plastics market. Wherever possible, waste will be collected locally, and these new recycled plastics will be marketed locally and nationally as a matter of priority.
Technically, the project will involve developing and optimizing a mechanochemical recycling process patented by Cycl-Add.
Project budget: 1.883 million euros. Funding: 990,000 euros. Label: TECHTERA - POLYMERIS. Duration: 4 years (January 2024 - end of December 2027).



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