Call for projects: ORMAT (Objectif Recyclage MATières)

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This call for projects financially supports the production of recycled raw materials (RRM) and their incorporation into their products by processors and marketers.

Since 2016, ADEME's ORPLAST scheme has supported the reincorporation of plastic PRMs into manufactured products. As a follow-up, the ORMAT scheme was created and aims to financially support:

  • The preparation and production of recycled raw materials (RPM) from waste, by specialized recycling professionals: this phase will be referred to as regeneration or recycling, depending on the materials considered.
  • The integration of PRM by companies that transform raw materials into products, taking into account the real technical constraints to adapt the production systems to the integration of these PRM: this phase is called incorporation.

This AAP is composed of 2 axes:

  • Axis 1: Diagnostics, studies, performance tests and experiments
  • Axis 2: Investments (creation, increase of capacity or incorporation rate, quality improvement, performance improvement)

It is structured around 6 material themes:

  • Plastics, Textiles, Metals (including battery metals), Wood, Paper and cardboard, Glass and mineral materials. The Plastics, elastomers and composites theme will be presented here.

Eligibility criteria:

This call is addressed to preparers, regenerators, processors and in some cases the principals. Small, medium* and large companies located on the French territory are eligible for this call.
The project can be carried out by a single company or be a multi-partner project, but a maximum threshold or ceiling of eligible expenses* must not be exceeded. It is 100 k€ for axis 1 and 2M€ for axis 2.

*If the expenditure ceiling is exceeded, your project can be submitted to the France 2030 AAP "Recycling of plastics, composites and elastomers" that we present in this LINK article.

Eligible expenses:

Axis 1: Diagnostics, studies, performance tests and experiments

  • Benefits
  • Personnel costs
  • Acquisition of small equipment and production line downtime

Axis 2: Investments

  • Engineering studies
  • Production, monitoring and peripheral equipment
  • Infrastructure
  • Training expenses

Financial Assistance:

Intensité maximale de l’aide d’ADEME




Axe 1

70 %

60 %

50 %

Axe 2

55 %

45 %

35 %



There are 3 dates for the collection of files:

  • March 15, 2023 at 12:00 noon
  • June 1st, 2023 at 12:00 noon
  • October 2nd, 2023 at 12:00 noon

The application is to be entered online on the AGIR platform.

Our support :

Make an appointment with Polymeris and as a Polymeris member, take advantage of a free assessment of the eligibility of your project!
We will also assist you in the drafting of your project, the assembly of the file until the deposit.

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