GEFICCA & SMAC: New alliance in the elastomer industry

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  • GEFICCA & SMAC: New alliance in the elastomer industry
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GEFICCA & SMAC : New alliance in the elastomer industry


On Friday June 30, 2023, a new major player in the elastomer industry came into being with the merger of 3 companies: GEFICCA, SMAC and SOMA now form a group with 300 employees and sales of 25 million euros.

These 3 companies now share their expertise and skills in studies for the development of new elastomers, calculations and vibration testing for the production of technical rubber parts.

This strategic alliance will foster the innovation, development and diversification of ever more technical and high-performance elastomer products, providing complete solutions for limitless applications in sectors as varied and cutting-edge as aeronautics, space, medical, defense, automotive...
Three companies that have come together around essential values such as environmental protection and social responsibility, the true identity of this new group.

By combining their skills, the new GEFICCA, SMAC and SOMA group is ready to take on the technological challenges of tomorrow, alongside its customers and partners.


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