Ambition R&D Multimaterials in Extreme Conditions in the Centre-Val de Loire Region

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  • Ambition R&D Multimaterials in Extreme Conditions in the Centre-Val de Loire Region

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POLYMERIS is a partner of the Ambition Research and Development multiMATériaux en conditions EXtrêmes (ARD MATEX) carried by the CNRS. This program, gathering 9 regional laboratories, aims at structuring the regional research to highlight it on an international scale through collaborative projects with industrials.
PREDA MATEX, a major showcase for research excellence in the Centre-Val de Loire Region. Recently approved by the Regional Council, this PREDA will help to structure regional research by strengthening its visibility on a national and international scale. It has three distinct but complementary components: excellent scientific research, an organized innovation dynamic and a new training offer in line with current industrial needs.

From a scientific point of view, the strength of this program is the strong territorial anchoring that associates 9 laboratories (CEMHTI, GREMAN, GREMI, ICARE, ICMN, ISTO, LaME, PCM2E, PRISME) and 5 organizations (CNRS, University of Orleans, University of Tours, BRGM, INSA CVL) with industrial actors as illustrated by the various innovative research sub-projects funded in this program, up to 3.5 M€. The themes addressed are the development processes of multimaterials; materials under extreme conditions; analysis of durability, aging and recyclability. The long-term objective is to offer a complete and attractive range of instruments through the creation of a Carnot Institute, given the wealth of scientific resources available in the region in this field.

The POLYMERIS (Rubber, Plastics and Composites) and S2E2 (Energy) competitiveness clusters, the Lahitolle (Defense) and Aérocentre (Aeronautics) clusters, the CRESITT Industrie (Electronics) and CETIM (Mechanics) technology resource centers, the Bourges Plus urban community, the Le Studium agency and the Orleans Val de Loire Technolopole will be responsible for running and communicating about the project. A Club des Industriels will be set up to boost exchanges and encourage the emergence of new innovation projects, as well as events to promote PREDA and its progress. For example, on November 24, 2020, prior to the agreement by the Regional Council, a promotional event organized by POLYMERIS had already taken place on the theme of Elastomers in Extreme Conditions.

Lastly, the development of a training course from Bac-3 to Bac+8 to meet the needs of industry in this sector is also one of the objectives of this program and demonstrates the global nature of PREDA MATEX. The promoters and coordinators have stressed the importance of raising awareness among young people, particularly girls, of future careers in the materials and processes industry.


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