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The 9th Smart Plastics Congress 2024 will take place on January 22 and 23, 2023, alongside the IPC winter Com meeting in Barcelona.

The 9th Smart Plastics Congress 2024 will take place on January 22 and 23, 2024, in parallel with the IPC WinterCom meeting  in Barcelona. The congress will focus on plastronics, printed electronics and surface functionalization. Technical conferences will focus on the results of research projects and the latest technological innovations. A visit to EURECAT's plastronics pilot platform is also planned.

This edition is organized by Polymeris, accompanied by  IPC and EURECAT, with the support of AFELIM and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.


Reserved exhibition space :

A showroom area will be set up, each comprising 1 table and 2 chairs, enabling you to present your service offering at dedicated times. The showroom will take place in the conference area of IPC winter com meeting with an estimated attendance of 300 to 400 people.
An offer in addition to admission, subject to availability, will be available shortly. Please contact Sophie Duez - if you are interested.



  • January 22, 2024
    • 13:30 - Welcome
    • 14:00 - Introduction
    • 14:05 - Keynote
    • 14:30 - Conference "The Edge of plastronics" Arroyo IKER, EURECAT
    • 14:55 - Conference "Promoting sustainable electronics through automotive and medical applications" Didier GALLAIRE, CEA
    • 15:20 - Conference "Innovative compounds for electronics (from 5G to conductivity)" Tessnim SGHAIER, MCPP
    • 15:45 - Coffee break
    • 16:00 - Conference "Automotive interior Outlook and challenges" Ernesto BIEMPICA, KOSTAL AUTOMOTIVE ELEKTRIK
    • 16:25 - Conference "An overview of printed sensors over plastic substrate" Tiziano FAPANNI, UNIVERSITY OF BRESCIA and Edoardo CANTÚ, INXENSE
    • 16:50 - Conference "CRITERION (aCcelerate cReep lIfeTimE pRedIctiON), in combination with Functional Printing techniques and Artificial Intelligence on plastics materials" Arancha SANCHEZ, CENTRO STIRLING and Udane ASTOBITZA, LEARTIKER
    • 17:30 - B2B Meetings
    • 20:00 - Networking Dinner
  • January 23, 2024
    • 9:00 - Welcome
    • 9:15 - Conference "Surface fonctionalization by texturing the mold with femtosecond laser" Raúl GARCIA, MICRORELLEUS, S.L.
    • 9:40 - Conference "New electronic functionalities in plastic by In Mold Electronics" Joaquin CASTAN, AIMPLAS
    • 10:05 - Conference "Photonic Curing for In-Mold Electronics" Hugo CAUCHY-CLERC, INSA
    • 10:30 - Conference "Challenges for the LDS® process in Radio Frequency applications" Amaury VEILLE, S2P
    • 10:55 - Coffee Break
    • 11:10 - Round Table "Outlook of plastronic in the world of electronic"
    • 12:10 - Introduction to the EURECAT visit & logistic
    • 12:20 - Conclusion
    • 12:30 - Lunch
    • 13:30 - B2B Meetings

About the Plastronics Plant visit:
This tour is limited to 40 people, and places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  Eurecat Cerdanyola is a 35-minute drive from Barcelona World Trade Center, transportation will be provided.
Eurecat is the Technology Centre of Catalonia. Providing the industrial and business sectors with differential technology and advanced expertise offers solutions to their innovation needs and boosts their competitiveness in a fast-paced environment.

Functional Printing & Embedded Devices Unit has more than 10 years of experience in printed, in-mould & hybrid electronics. Together with the Centre’s other capabilities, this allows us to deliver solutions to complex and specific challenges in a wide range of sectors including health & wellness, sport, packaging, and mobility.

We are members of the leading printed electronics clusters and associations & we have received international recognition for our innovations over the years with numerous awards at trade fairs and congresses such as the LOPEC & ChemPlastExpo.

Additionally, Eurecat is recognized as a KET Technology Centre by the European Commission due to our close partnership with SMEs in their market-oriented research and innovation activities. We bring cutting-edge technologies to production sectors which will unlock the shift towards a more efficient and sustainable production model.

Prior to the tour, Eurecat will give a 10-minute presentation about the company and its technology.
Participants will be guided through our Plastronics Pilot Plant
An organized bus transfer from BWTC to Eurecat Cerdanyola and back is set.
The bus will leave BWTC at 15:00. The arrival back is approximately 19.00


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