R4 Composites

R4 Composites


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The meeting of the circular economy of composites

R4 Composites is the new national event bringing together the players in the value chain for the development of a circular economy for composites. This event will bring together the different sectors around their environmental, economic, regulatory and organizational challenges. Projects and solutions related to the Reduction, Repair, Reuse and Recycling of composites will be highlighted.

Discover the R4 Composites program:

  • 9h00 - 9h30 : Welcome of the participants
  • 9h30 - 9h45 : Opening of the event - Presentation of the clusters
  • 9h45 - 10h10 : Keynote GREC :  The guide to recycling and eco-design of composites
  • 10h10 - 10h50 : Round table: The nautical industry sets course for eco-responsibility
  • 11h35 - 12h15 : Round table: The valorization of composites in aeronautics: a sector that is taking off?
  • 12h15 - 12h30 : Presentation of the call for expressions of interest for the circular economy of end-of-life commercial aircraft
  • 12h30 - 14h : Cocktail
  • 14h00 - 14h40 : Round table: End of life of wind turbine blades: a hot topic?
  • 15h10 - 15h30 : Pitch project ZEBRA
  • 15h10 - 15h30 : Pitch solution Thermosaïc© process: How to optimize the technical, economic and environmental performance of thermoplastic composite waste
  • 15h35 - 15h55 : Pitch project MANIFICA - NOVA CARBON: How high performance recycled carbon will finally allow the creation of an efficient recycling industry on a European scale
  • 15h35 - 15h55 : Pitch solution Le Comptoir du Carbone: What is the only alternative before recycling by dismantling carbon? The reuse of the material
  • 16h00 - 16h20 : EVERGREEN project pitch: Material solutions for a more circular economy of composites
  • 16h25 - 16h45 : ALMA project pitch: Optimizing composite assembly and disassembly techniques for automotive recycling
  • 16h25 - 16h45 : Pitch solution Vapo-Thermolysis : An industrial and innovative solution for the recycling of carbon composite materials
  • 16h50 - 17h10 : FILSLIT project pitch: Development of continuous fiber TP filaments (Fil) for additive manufacturing, derived from the recovery of slitting co-products (Slit) of UD webs
  • 16h50 - 17h10 : Pitch solution Reverse Systems: The first digital deeptech solution to enable the reuse of materials and thus promote eco-design
  • 17h35 - 18h30 : Cocktail
  • 19h00 : Closing of the event


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