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France 2030 regionalized

New calls for projects have been launched as part of the regionalized France 2030 plan: Transformation of SMEs through innovation (axis 1), Improvement and transformation of sectors (axis 2), Collaborative R&D projects (Regionalized I-Demo) (axis 3) and Innovative training (axis 4).

The objective of the "i-Demo" call for projects is to develop industrial and service companies in growth markets that create value and competitiveness for our economy and contribute to energy, ecological and digital transitions.

Polymeris invites you to participate in a webinar presenting these different devices:

  • Eligibility criteria,
  • Selection criteria,
  • Labeling,
  • financing terms and conditions

This webinar is organized in partnership with the Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. However, the i-demo call for projects is national and encourages trans-regional partnerships. Do not hesitate to participate if you want more information and to be accompanied by the Polymeris cluster.



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