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Circular economy tools

Polyvia Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the Region, ADEME and Polymeris have signed a voluntary agreement in favour of the Circular Economy. The aim is to offer companies in the sector a support to facilitate and accelerate their appropriation of this subject.

On 21 September, we will hold a circular economy workshop with the CTI-IPC, focusing on packaging from 9.30am to 1.30pm. This market presents important challenges in terms of circular economy and important reforms should be anticipated.


Part 1 - presentation of Circular Economy tools

By Matthieu Collardey, Polyvia

Regulatory status and prospects

  • The actions included in the voluntary agreement (technical support offers, training offers, circular economy monitoring)
  • The tool and the More label
  • Operation Clean Sweep (pollution control) / GPI decree


  • Tools put in place by the profession
  • Individual and collective IPC support for the circular economy
  • Standardisation and certification


  • The call for projects to integrate recycled materials: Orplast III

Part 2: Packaging market: requirements and challenges for the packaging industry

Presentation and discussion with Vincent COLARD, CITEO

  • What will tomorrow's packaging be like? What will the recycling channels be in 2025? 2030? How can we ensure that our packaging is integrated into a circular economy cycle?
  • What tools and support are offered by CITEO, the sector's eco-organisation?

Details and registration:

This workshop will take place in Monistrol-sur-Loire - the exact location will be communicated later

  • 8.30: coffee reception
    9.00: start of the workshop
    12.00: buffet


Contact: Sylvie CHARREL +33 (0)6 30 50 20 15

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