Axelera Technical Day

Saint-Fons (69)

85, avenue des frères Perret, Saint-Fons (69)

Experimental characterization of materials and products: from routine analysis to advanced techniques

The AXELERA competitiveness cluster is organizing, in collaboration with Polymeris, a technical day on "Experimental characterization of materials and products: from routine analysis to advanced techniques".
Being able to determine the composition of a material or a product, to characterize it in terms of chemical structure, texture, porosity and morphology... is an essential step in any innovative process of development of new products.

During this day, different physico-chemical analysis techniques will be discussed:

  • Electron microscopies
  • Mass spectrometry
  • NMR Spectroscopy
  • X-ray scattering

The objective is to show the application of these analytical techniques and their possible couplings, and the strength of these techniques to answer concrete industrial problems.
During each session, examples of routine characterization will be highlighted, then couplings or innovative approaches of advanced characterization (High resolution, in situ, operando, etc...) will be proposed.

CALL FOR INTEREST - Deadline for submission: 31/03/2020

In order for this day to respond to the concrete analytical expectations of industrialists in the chemical-environmental sector, to highlight platforms and equipment of excellence in the region, and to "demystify" certain advanced characterization techniques, we call on you to propose analytical problems to be addressed.

You wish to propose a use case, an analytical problem specific to your business and sector of activity?

We will propose it to the expert speakers before the event, so that they can comment on it and shed light on it during the event.


Provisional program




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