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PROJECT EMERGENCE DAY- manufacturing additive

Additive Manufacturing

POLYMERIS organizes a Project Emergence Day of its Scientific Council, on the theme of Additive Manufacturing. This scientific event will take place on October 18, 2022 in Orleans in partnership with France Additive and 3D Natives..

In order to initiate solutions to meet these industrial needs, this Project Emergence Day will address all 3D printing technologies and materials developed to meet consumer expectations. In this context, presentations of technical innovations are expected to show the wide range of possibilities that 3D printing offers from the manufacture of tools, small or large parts, to post-processing and this for different types of materials such as flexible, thermoplastic, or composite.

Industrialists or researchers from the academic world, if you are interested in issues related to this theme and for which polymeric materials play a role, we invite you to respond to this call and to come and present a scientific or technical paper on October 18, 2022. This day will also be a unique opportunity to meet all the speakers concerned by this theme.
In parallel to the technical presentations, a time is also planned to give the opportunity to a selection of speakers to "pitch" on innovative technological solutions or research skills related to the issues addressed during the day.

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Martin PAJOT, Head of the Innovation Mission, Additive Manufacturing theme coordinator within the cluster,

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