Polymers for medical innovation

POLYMERIS, the competitiveness cluster for rubber, plastics and composites, is organizing a Project Emergence Day for its Scientific Committee, on the theme "Polymers for innovation in the medical field" on May 19th, 2022 in Ivry-sur-Seine in partnership with Silver Innov’.

This event is part of the continuity of Polymeris' actions in the medical field, after the launch of the Innovation and Medical industrial club last October. The objectives of this industrial club are to create a network of privileged exchanges, to allow the sharing of information and best practices and to coordinate actions with experts, particularly on topics related to medical devices and their packaging.

Indeed, the health or medical field is a major consumer of plastics, rubbers or elastomers of all kinds: medical devices, packaging articles, etc.

The current major trends in the circular economy also have an impact on these health products: bio-based materials, end-of-life...

In order to initiate solutions to meet these challenges, the Emergence of Projects day will focus on the contribution of polymeric or composite materials for innovation in the medical field and will highlight :

  • Medical devices: microfluidics, prostheses/ortheses, integration of biosourced materials, sterilization, additives, synthetic gel, etc.

  • Delivery of active ingredients: biocompatible materials, toxicology, encapsulation in polymers to transport the active agent as close as possible to the organ to be treated, permeability, etc.

  • Primary and/or secondary packaging: active ingredient/packaging interaction, additives, integration of bio-based or recycled materials, etc.

The purpose of the Project Emergence Day is to identify the subjects of collaborative research projects that can be supported by Polymeris in their setup and submission.

In order to address all the issues raised, Polymeris is launching this call for papers: whether you are a formulator, compounder, supplier of raw materials, designer and producer of medical devices, packaging, user or researcher concerned with medical-related issues, we invite you to respond to this call and to come and present a scientific or technical paper on May 19, 2022

This day will also be a unique opportunity to meet all the stakeholders concerned by this theme.

In parallel to the technical presentations, a time is also planned to give the opportunity to a selection of speakers to "pitch" on innovative technological solutions or research skills related to the issues addressed during the day.

The cluster's team will get back to you once the form has been completed in order to discuss the matter and validate your proposal, in consultation with the cluster's Scientific Committee.

Call open until February 28th
Call for papers

Auélie REPETO : / +33 (0)6 42 64 53 75

Organized in partnership with: Silver Innov'

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