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Région Centre-Val de Loire


Projects in line with regional policies, in particular the Priority Specialization Areas (DPS) of the Regional Innovation Strategy.

Type de projet

Consortium: At least 1 company located in the Centre-Val de Loire region


The purpose of this Call for Research Projects of Regional Interest (APR-IR) is to respond to research issues in line with the Region's priorities and policies.
and policies of the Region. Projects proposed to the Region must be clearly in response to at least one of the topics listed in the Appendix.

These topics "in line with regional policies" refer to projects that may fall into several categories:

  • Projects with specific prospects for significant socio-economic and/or environmental impact for the region,
  • Projects in response to the Region's needs for the development, implementation and evaluation of its own policies,
  • Participatory research projects involving the third research sector, based by nature on collaboration between research teams and non-profit civil society organizations, to address societal questions and issues.                            

Particular attention will be paid to "young researcher" projects, where the project leader is under 35 years of age. The project must last between 1 and 3 years. TRL targeted: 1-3

Project budget

Max €4.4M

Amount of assistance

Grant greater than or equal to €20,000 and less than or equal to €200,000,


Every year


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